Student Twitter Conference 

16th September 2020 


Keep it simple, Scientists!

#SETACkissUK is an entirely online, Twitter event organised by the SETAC UK Student Council. The aim is to showcase the research of SETAC UK student/ early career scientist in a science communication event on the 16th September 2020.  

A good scientist has the ability to breakdown complex research into simple and easily understandable ideas, and deliver them in a way that is engaging and interesting. That’s what #SETACkissUK is about. On the 16th September, each participant will tweet a cartoon/ infographic of their research, along with the hashtag #SETACkissUK, our Twitter handle @SETAC_BRANCH_UK and text/ emojis to help explain their research in a straightforward and engaging way, making it accessible to the general public and their peers. 

Registration for the event is free, the carbon foot print is low and the anticipated audience is global. The best cartoon/ infographic as selected by the judges will win a FREE Student Registration* to the 31st SETAC Europe Annual Meeting 2021 #SETACSeville

*Anyone can particpate in the #SETACkissUK event but only SETAC Student Members can be considered for the prize.


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Need some ideas...?

There are lots of websites and resources available to assist you with your cartoon/ informatic creation. Here are a few we've found to help.

Keep it simple, Scientists!



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