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Student Council Logo Competition 

The SETAC Student Council wants to create its own visual identity - and that's where you can help!

Four logos have been shortlisted. These where designed by the Student Council President Katherine Lees, Student Council Secretary Stefan Schade and Council Members Siti Syuhaida Mohamed Yunus and Verena Riedl - presented below in alphabetical order.

From the 1st April until the last day of the SETAC Europe meeting (11th May) the 4 logos will go on display on the SETAC UK
Twitter and Facebook accounts - #findalogo.

We need
YOU to vote! The logo that receives the most social media 'likes' will win the competition and become the official SETAC UK Student Council logo.

Please vote for your favourite logo! The winning logo will be announced on the 12th May - Good luck to the competing students and their logos.

Logo Design One - Katherine Lees

'The idea behind my design was to incorporate the SETAC tripartite theme using three different areas of the environment that are reflected in SETAC research.


Winning the competition would be a lasting visual reminder of my involvement with the SETAC UK Branch Student Council'.

Logo Design Two - Siti Syuhaida Mohamed Yunus

'The design is based on a green colour to represent our environment. The embraced hands highlights that it's our responsibility to protect the environment from all pollutants and the circles represent the need for everyone to work together to protect our earth.


If I won this competition, I hope that the logo can highlight that individuals need to work together to protect our environment'.

Logo Design Three - Verena Riedl 

'The idea behind the logo is to represent the environment as a multitude of interacting factors. They are generalised in the logo as the aerial, terrestrial and aquatic compartments. The influences of chemicals on the environment can be measured within and across these compartments but linking these effects is fundamental to understanding their impacts and wider implications. I believe that the SETAC UK Branch Student Council is committed to contributing to this overarching goal and therefore, my logo is an apt representation for the council.

I am proud to participate in a social media competition to advertise and broadcast the SETAC UK Branch Student Council. The main reward from winning the competition would be the 'visible' contribution but also the opportunity to promote the society and encourage other students to join and engage with the council'. 

Logo Design Four - Stefan Schade

'The design represents the different values and elements that SETAC stands for (displayed in the flower petals): the study of environmental problems (with the focus on chemical pollution) in its different compartments, offering solutions as well as the promotion of research to tackle such problems. The “student and cap” highlights the student council, but may also represent environmental education or even the fact that all researchers stay life-long students of the complex world around us. All these surround the central core of our commitment to the UK.

I would be highly gratified to lend the student council a face/banner to aid the council’s feeling of group identity and strive towards a unified course of action'!

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